Finding My Inner Bombshell

Oh the horror I felt today when I actually took the time to examine myself in the mirror. OMG! was all that I could think. So I knew by the grumble I hear from my jeans every morning that I was starting to pack on the inches. But hey, if the size 4 still zips, I'm going to wear it! Loooking in the mirror I found myself appearing as a condensed version of the Before pictures on the NutriSystem ads- Not cute!

So with the threat of the dreaded swimsuit season quickly approaching, and just the influence of my own self pride and image being shattered, I quickly decided something had to be done and FAST! This obviously does not happen overnight; actually it has been a slow progression since I quit nursing the twins last August. No it is not the eating. You see I am allergic to every good indulgence and calorie-filled morsel out there, (except Rice Krispies treats, and that marshmallowy goodness is one of the only indulgences aside from the wine that I have left and refuse to part with) (I say no to dairy, potatoes, caffeine, beans, and gluten for fear of a raging evil migraine which completely kicks my ass every time it shows its ugly face). and that means, my friends that the problem is definitely inactivity.

Yes we all made those shallow resolutions on the 1st to exercise more, lose weight, feel great, blah, blah, blah. Well folks, I have not strayed too far from keeping that resolution. I have been doing a series of workout videos in the comfort of my own home for about 45 min each day. (The girls really think they are doing me a favor when they sit on my stomache during crunches and ab time. Thanks ladies!). I have become addicted I think to Gunnar Peterson's Core Secrets workouts. You can really feel that what you're doing is working, and aside from having to look at Brooke Burke's perfect post-kids body and keeping myself from vomiting with jealousy all over her to-die-for thighs, it is a favorite in my collection.

What I decided I need to do is measure my results to stay motivated and find my inner bombshell.

SO in the Finding My Inner Bombshell section to the left, you will see my weight and measurements updated for progress every 2 weeks. Yep I'm putting it all out there, and I will even be taking pictures so I can see that the time I am spending on this is worth it. I can't wait for the groundhog to tell us next week that spring is coming and the cold will be subsiding so I can get my fat ass out there and start shedding these unwanted (and heavy) saddlebags!

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  1. Awesome! You are an inspiration! Size 4 post baby, I think that is really great! Good luck, I'll be working on my own inner bombshell every day too.