Coupon Organization

So for one f my new year's goals I wanted to get organized. There are several areas of the house that we will work on throughout the year, but my 3 biggest trouble spots are my car (which I had my son clean out so that is clean and organized now!), my bedroom (which seems to collect everything that doesn't have a home), and my coupons. So today I thought I would tackle the latter, and get to saving more money. SO I decided to upgrade from an accordian style coupon organizer to a coupon binder. So I found an old binder laying around with no purpose and decided it was the one. I added baseball card pages (35 of them) and also picked up some cute post it plastic tabs that I labeled each page according to category. I also stuck in a few zippered pouches so that I can keep my list for the 3 major stores I go to (Kroger, Target, and Walgreens) in each one along with the coupons I intend to use for that store. I also purchase a lot of items at the commissary, but it is easier to retrieve coupons as I go through each aisle. I am excited to finally get organized and can't wait to go to the store later on without having to shuffle through all of my coupons in each aisle. I am hoping that this makes my shopping trips easier and faster (With 3 kids in tow any improvement is awesome!) I will post some pictures of my binder and maybe you will be inspired too! (Be sure to follow my coupon progress on the Coupon button to the left.)
I do have great aspirations however, that in my ques to learn to sew in the upcoming months, I will make a cover for my binder something like the one I found on . It is my favorite that I have seen so far. So one day whe I get ambitious I will have one too! (Or maybe I will get lucky and they will want me to do a review on it!)

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