So I am sooo close to finishing a course in medical transcription that has taken me what seems like eons to complete. I just can't get motivated to do it, and quite frankly I would rather be punished to gnarfle the garfunk than to dedicate my time to this course. That being said, I better get in gear and get it done so that maybe I can get a job torturing myself daily with dictations from doctors that speak with their mouths full or cover the microphone just for giggles. This was one of those "bright ideas" I had for contributing to the income while staying home with the kids, and maybe just maybe I will get lucky and be ble to earn a decent living listening to the speaking-challenged doctors of the world.

But seriously, who wants to hear abot that. There are so many other interesting subjects I could ramble about like snow days and who decides them- The kids have been out of school for the past 2 days for a mere 3/4 inch of snow on the ground and today, when there was actually some accumulation in the morning they had to go to school! And what is the problem with kids today that they have no imagination an are definitely not resourceful? My son got a sled for Christmas which was funny to me because here in TN we don't get much snow to speak of and I live in a neighborhood with a very flat yard. SO I looked out the window, and there were 3 boys on the sled going down the steps to my deck! lol that was the best they could find. They also slid down the rails without the sled and kept replacing the snow for the next ride down. lol. After I stopped laughing, I informed them that just down the street there was an empty lot with no houses that had the best sized hill around. After that discovery it was hard to get the kids to come inside. They had been outside for 8 hours without a break, warmup, or hot chocolate! Now that's what I am talking about. Why can't it be like that in the summer? The kids try to come in the house about every 15 minutes complaining of the heat and being bored lol. So I give them popsicles and tell them they have to play outside until dinner is ready. lol. Kids these days!

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