Store X

So i ventured to my least favorite place on earth today-that I will call Store X. What was I thinking? I can't remember the last time I had a pleasurable experience at that store. I would rather pay FULL PRICE than to go to Store X. But I took my son to the Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic this morning where he made a really cute game box, and right there next to us in the aisle were their discounted houseplants. I couldn't resist! They had the neatest looking rubber plant and no pots that went with it. Off to Store X I went. After going into the dark depths of the store, I finally managed to make my way beyond the toys, Christmas clearance, and ridiculous storage items to a part of the store that few people venture this time of he year... the garden section that now looks like an abandoned warehouse, actually more like something you would see on hoarders than anywhere I have ever been. It was full of Christmas gift rejects, broken Power Wheels with dangling side view mirrors, Barbie bike with missing tassels, fire pits with caved in tops, grills stacked as high as the ceiling, and finally there in the back were the leftover pots. OMG Stupid me, what was I thinking?  I should have just surrendered there before even crossing the threshold, but no, I was determined to find a pot for my cute little rubber plant. With little to chose from I scoured the shelves for a diamond in the rough. There it was on the top shelf in the back where no one would ever I had to find some help to get this big ceramic pot down.....The lady that came looked more like a close cousin to the snuffelupagus than the friendly Store X workers that are portrayed on commercials. A little scared, I asked her to help me get the pot off the top shelf. She scoured and let out a shrill command to a biker with a Store X vest on who was sitting in the corner. I could only think that he had been sitting back there watching me through my garden section adventure and was honestly a little creeped out. So the diamond in the rough turned out to be almost the price of a small diamond and I chose another more affordable pot and moved on to the checkout line. The mother in front of us was watching and scratching herself while her children licked every candy bar in the aisle. The cashier seemed to operate in slow motion taking what felt to be 5 minutes to scan each item. A guy came up in line behind me, and judging from the stench, it had been at least 5 days since he had a good washing. About this same time, my twins decided they too were done with their Store X experience. I couldn't take it anymore I had to get out of there! I quickly exited the line, and left my second rate pot, hoping that none of us caught anything from the woman scratching herself in front of us or the filthy guy behind us. I think I will stay in for the rest of the day!

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