She's Breathing My Air

Have you ever wondered what you kids are thinking before they are able to speak? I always imagine mine to have a snooty British accent similar to Stewy on Family Guy, and with some of the  looks they give me, I am sure some of these thoughts cross their mind...  
And then there are weeks like this one where the girls are constantly fighting, pushing each other down, pulling hair, and screaming at each other. Yes they are only 17 months, but sibling rivalry sucks and they fight over everything. Here is a glimpse into our future:
It is inevitable that one will always want the toy the other one is playing with. Books are even worse. She took the fun toys and left me with this damn teddy bear!
Then, when it is story time, they fight over my lap space, which I am glad to say is not big enough for both girls to sit on without at least one of their body parts touching, and this drives them crazy so the pushing and shoving begins to see who can push the other off my lap first.
When they are playing nicely together, it is usually in an evil plot to destroy the house or get revenge for me not allowing them to play in the houseplants or bathroom cabinets.
They even convince our dog to join them on their plot to sneak cookies from the kitchen, or to get a boost so they can reach things on the counter.
Some of our favorite moments are spent in the kitchen. They love to play with my mixing bowls and spoons and try all the yummy things I make. This is delectable. I can't believe you kept me waiting so long.
Every now and then, I will serve something they don't like (green beans, lima beans, etc) and my kitchen ends up looking like this after they have swapped and traded (and stole) the good food from the neighboring high chair.
The more the girls express themselves, the more it is evident how really different they are. We have a drama queen and a sneak among us, and lately all they have been doing is fighting. I don't have a sister, and my brothers are a lot younger than me so I always found them annoying and a bother until we all got older, but we never really had knock down drag out fights like I have heard many siblings do. If the present pushing, shoving, smacking, hair pulling, kicking, etc. is any indication of the fun future the future brings, we are in trouble. I should start selling the tickets now because it will definitely be better than WWE. I just can't wait for the day when I hear, "Mom, She's Breathing My Air!"

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