Battle of the Bobbin Continued

I kicked that bobbins ass! A few weeks ago I posted about my sewing adventure. It was horrible, but after using my lifeline (my mom), the problem was quickly corrected, and the sewing continued. I managed to complete my first sewing project which resulted in this cute purse

It is even lined and has a pocket on the inside! Don't look too close or you will see all of my mistakes, but I must say, it's not too shabby for a first-time project.

This is going to shock some of you that know me well, but I am now convinced that everyone especially females  should learn to sew. Maybe this is a revelation that comes with age, but you never know when you may need to repair a garment, mend a seam, or alter clothing. I used to think that sewing was for old bitties with nothing else to do.
You know the ones you see in old movies that are still head over heels for their spouse after so many years and who in their spare time sew and knit, cook and clean, and bitch about tending the kids and caring for the house (but love doing it and wouldn't trade their life for any other in the world). The ones that get offended if you tell them that their jam is second rate to your grandmother's but whose cobbler is to die for.

Sewing is for women like that the June Cleaver's of the world
with fresh baked goods waiting for their kids when they get home from school, and whose children have never eaten store-bought biscuits nor do they know what Kraft mac and cheese is. These are the iconic women who every other woman in the neighborhood gossips about over coffee at the bus stop, but each of these gossipers secretly longs to be just like the old bitties. The truth is the bitties are actually the happiest women around who wear the most smiles and who truly live each day to the fullest. These are the real women, the ones who don't try to hide from their domesticity, but who embrace it along with their feminism and zeal for life.

I want to be just like those old bitties too. I have been working on it, but to really get started, I need an apron.


  1. I'll make ya one!

  2. My sewing machine recently kicked my a$* during a poodle skirt project...probably shouldn't have dropped home ec. in high school ha ha!

  3. that's not very comforting Mel, I never took home ec! And I actually have to make 3 poodle skirts this week!

  4. I am proud of you niece. You are from a long line of independent, smart, domestic women that are proud to be able to bring home the bacon or fry it up in the pan :)
    LOL Aunt Lexie