Thinking Positive

What things do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror? What about as the day progresses? Are the things you tell yourself helping or hurting you? Are you actually lying to yourself? Most people son't realize the impacts our thoughts have over us. I have been doing this bible study with the ladies prayer group about cleaning out my thought closet and replacing those shady tattered thoughts with positive ones. I always thought I was ok in this department. I am confident, assertive, and overall happy with myself, or so I thought. The study is by Jennifer Rothschild and it is something we can all relate to...Everyone has had a time when they looked in the mirror and thought damn my butt makes these jeans look huge!! And I can't count the times that I have thought to myself " uggghh that was stupid!" "you really screwed that up" "nice going". I am slowly learning to replace those negative things with more positive thoughts. The whole purpose of the study is to train yourself to think of yourself as God thinks of you. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing a blob, it is nice to look in and see the beautiful thing that God made. Don't get me wrong, there are people out there that definitely need to lose weight, but a lot of us are just too hard on ourselves, and it is difficult to see unless you are on the outside looking in. I know as a tudent there were so many tests where when I finished, I would think to myself, "you failed, loser!" many of those tests were returned with an A. Sometimes, I have a hard time thinking positive thoughts about myself and I think we all do. We all have those blah days where it seems we should have just stayed in bed, but what if we had the power to make everyday better, and have a happier outlook on life. Well I am learning that we do have that power! I am starting to see the glass half full instead of half empty and really noticing the many gifts that I have in life. I am truly blessed.

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