older and wiser?

I think all those tidbits the grownups always uttered as I was growing up may finally be sinking in. Is that why they say you get older and wiser? I think I am just getting older! I feel that the knowledge was always there right in that file cabinet I shoved way back in the corner of my brain and chose not to open. By braving the cobwebs to get back to that corner it seems I opened a treasure chest! I have this newfound yearning to explore life and to learn new things. Looking back at the past couple years, I may have begun this quest unknowingly, but now I want to know it all! I have this great desire to learn where I came from and how my ancestors survived through all of those tough times in the past. I have become the conventional woman, cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids- a role I that used to make me shudder whenever I thought about it. Now I have 3 wonderful kids and a great husband, who allows me the priviledge of staying home with the kids and really connecting with life. I am also pursuing a certification in medical transcription (mabe i will hang it on the wall next to the my bachelors and masters degrees that I obviously don't use either). I thought the transcription training would allow me to be home with the kids and contribute to the family income, retirement savings etc, but instead it has become a sorespot in our home. Nonetheless, I am battling through and taking on those crazy accents, foreign doctors and those that seem to talk with their mouths full during these dictations really irk me. There should be a dictation training for the docs that is as thorough as this crash course in med school. I volunteer to teach it! Speak slow, open your mouth and most importantly speak English! Anyways only a few more weeks of the daunting tasks required by the program and I can move on. Hopefully I will also find a job transcribing for a slow speaking easy to understand doc-keep your fingers crossed for me! And in my spare time I will continue my quest to find what is natural and to determine what I will become in life.

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