I am one of those unfortunate people that have migraines due to food allergies- I started having them in 2nd grade, and it was not determined to be food related until I was a sophomore in high school. Typically, I remain headache free as long as I steer clear of the foods that trigger migraines, but there is somethng going on inside my head lately, and these unwanted visitors are ruining my day. Below is a link to Migraine info A-Z. I have the auras, and my vision is always affected. It usually starts with the aura, then my depth perception goes, and then come the bad migraines. Sometimes I lose vision completely. I also have stroke symptoms sometimes where the entire left side of my body goes numb. These are all fun symptoms when you have 3 kids to take care of. So since I am having all of these without eating any of the food that typically trigger migraines, I have the pleasure of seeing a neurologist and going through an insane amount of testing to figure out what the problem is. I am hoping I just developed another food allergy, gluten and casein seem to make sense- I can live a semi- vegan lifestyle and avoid those items. Anyways hope this article helps some of you if you have a similar problem.

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