Hello Blogosphere!

So it has been about a year since my last post here on MamaCassAdventures, but you will be glad to know after a year full of crazy adventures, I am back and ready to share some of my funny stories and life experiences with you again.

It has been quite the year. My hubby got orders to come to Ft. Lewis WA, so we sold our house, bought a new one site unseen, and moved aross the country. We packed everyone up in the cars and drove almost 3,000 miles from TN, stopping in various no name cities across the country and making appearances at gas stations in over 15 states. We were able to stop in Utah and stay with my husband's family for a few days, celebrating the holidays and enjoying the festivities in Temple Square. We finally arrived in Washington and moved into our house on December 23. We are living in a small town about 45 minutes from Seattle called Orting, where you can count the traffic lights on 1 hand and the highlights in town consist of the annual Daffodil festival, restoring Jenny the antique fire engine, and debating on whether Mt Ranier will ever erupt! About a week after we moved in the biggest snowstorm of the century hit and we were wothout power for 3 days- thank God for campstoves and candles! Since moving in, we have met lots of neighbors and made some friends. We have been able to venture to some area attractions like the aquarium and the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Hubby remodeled the kitchen. My mom came to visit for a month which was awesome, and I had baby number 4 (funny delivery story to come later!)!

So now, things are calming down, and I need an outlet so hello again blogosphere, hope you enjoy laughing at me!

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