Family Pictures

Why does it have to be so difficult to get everyone to gether for a picture. It should be simple. The kids love to say cheese and are total hams for the camera whenever we are outside or just shooting some candids, but throw some nice clothes on them and ask them to sit still for more than 5 seconds and complete chaos breaks out.

I made an appointment at Sears portrait studio so the pictures would be available online for the family to see and mostly becasue they sent me a coupon when Addie was born- I am a total sucker for coupons, but definitely did not read the fine print on this one. So I made the appointment for an attainable time 10:30 to get 6 people ready and to the studio seemed attainable, but inevitably we were 10 minutes late to our appointment. When I went to the desk to sign in, the photographer looked at her schedule, grimmaced, and annoyingly looked up at me while shaking her head and saying oh you are late!. I felt like I was in the principal's office getting scolded for skipping class too many times! Apparently they double book on purpose on the weekends (because that makes a lot of sense) so we were asked to hurry because we only had 20 minutes left for our session!

Thankfully, the twins and Koen cooperated wonderfully for their pictures, and we got some really great shots. But, Ms. Piggy (Addie) decided that eating 20 minutes before we left was not sufficient for her and she needed to eat again right when it was her turn for pictures! So in between shots, I was able to shove the bottle in her mouth feed her in an attempt to keep her calm long enough to get a good pose...This and the fact that she is already holding her head up and trying to push with her arms resulted in the little darling having a strange resemblance to Quasimodo in some of her pictures!

We quickly moved on to the family picture, when I realized that just because you can zip the skirt, that does not give you the right to wear it! lol. We have all been there a few weeks after childbirth and are so excited when some prepregnancy clothes start to fit. It is like each day is a new adventure in the closet until we can finally put on a pair of jeans without jumping into them or laying down to zip them. This was one of those days for me that I was able to zip a skirt that I obviously hadn't worn in ages and it didn't look too tight in the mirror. I really need to invest in a full length mirror because looking like mom the hooker just isn't cute for family pics. I wish I could say it was Julie Roberts cute, but instead it was more Snooki trashy! Maybe when I have the pics framed, I can get a wider matte that will cover the thigh high disaster.

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