frogs peas and rain

So I know there hasn't been much activity on the blog lately, but have you seen the weather? It has been way too gorgeous outside to sit in front of the computer for more than 5 minutes! It has been a busy couple of weeks around here, planting flowers, gardening, prepping for the strawberries to be ready to pick in the next couple weeks :), and just enjoying the sunshine! The twins have discovered lots of new things too. They like taking walks around the yard while I point out the different plants. They have become ride-on-toy masters, and they have even learned how to coast. It is really funny they will get going as fast as their little legs can take them then all of a sudden the legs fly up in the air until the wheels stop moving. I really need to take a video.

On one of their many sidewalk adventures, they found a large frog in one of the neighbor's yards. They immediately jumped off their ride-ons and chased the poor frog all over the yard pointing and muttering something that I'm sure was frog in twin language. They chased that damn frog for 15 minutes until it finally found protection under a bush and the girls attention was redirected back to the ride-ons with promise of a Popsicle when they got home lol. So now every time we go outside they go to that yard and run around like they are looking for the frog. It's funny they haven't discovered the family of frogs living in our own backyard.

 For a while now, both girls have been putting vegetables like carrots and green beans in their ears and giggling at how silly the other looks when they do it, but Heidi has moved on and figured out a little trick that she found hilarious...putting things in her nose. So the other night at dinner, she was eating peas, and she would touch it to her nostril before eating it. I thought she was just smelling it, no big deal. Then she actually put it in the opening of her nostril and turned her head from side-to-side until it fell out. Both girls thought that was the best entertainment of the day so she kept doing it. Next thing I know my son is yelling MOM MOM it went up her nose! I hurried over with a tissue and inspected her little nose. No pea was to be found so I figured it just fell out. No big deal. Well to my son it was a huge deal. He was sure that the pea had traveled all the way to her brain and had come out in her mouth (just like snot mom when you suck it up real hard. I bet she ate it!) About 15 minutes later Heidi started screaming and alternating between smacking and rubbing her face. It was a little scary. I was afraid she was going to spit out pea soup or something similar. No soup, just peas. The little shit sneezed and out flew the pea straight across the room! (See mom I told you she sucked it up in her nose!) We haven't had peas since.

So today it is raining and although the cool down is nice, I do wish I was a little more weather-savvy. I decided today was a good day to get back into the running schedule and 3 miles would do. Big mistake. Should have listened to the hubby- he called this morning and informed me the sky would explode in about 20 minutes. I was sad as I had just strapped the girls into the stroller and found the motivation I needed to make it on the run...He assured me I should have time to make it a short one, just around the block, a mere 1.4 miles. In all of my stubborness, I was determined to make it 3 miles before the rain set in. The volunteer mulching of the trails at Dunbar Cave this weekend took more of a toll on my back than I realized, and running was shear torture, so I had to run in short spurts and walk in between, which added to the time it took to complete the morning trek. About 3/4 mile from the house the sky suddenly turned green and buckets poured down. If the Wizard of Oz had been in color when the storm began that's what it would have looked like. I could even imagine the guy  (running home in a panic) walking his dog near me thinking It's a twista It's a twista! Luckily, I keep the rain cover on the jogging stroller for weather phenomena such as this, and I managed to get the girls covered up just in time. The rain just got harder and harder. I ran as fast as I could the first 1/4 mile or so back to the house, and then it was too hard. My shoes were full of water, my clothes were soaked and sticking to me, my hair had half-way worked itself out of the ponytail and was matted to my face, my leftover makeup from yesterday was streaming down my face, and I am positive that everyone that drove by wondered if I were a disgruntled sideshow performer who had just escaped from the circus.

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  1. Ha ha love the blog! Mostly the pea story though-everything is always seems worse when your older brother is freaking out too. I love your family hope everything's great