I Could Kiss that Groundhog!

First off, I apologize for my hiatus. I was abducted by the spring weather and hypnotized into spending all my time outdoors instead of online. I could just kiss that groundhog for being correct! Here we are just 6 weeks later and spring is definitely here! I have to admit the sunshine has been good for me. I feel like the gray cloud above me has disappeared, and things are once again right in the world. I think I was depressed by the apparent time warp we went on in fashion this year. I swear if I witnessed one more legwarmer, especially those paired with a high top, I may have been driven to make a fashion police arrest.
And here is a public service announcement: Spandex is not for everyone. Wearing it is a privilege, not a right! Just because Jennifer Lopez is a host on American Idol does not give everyone permission to don her Fly Girl Look. I am convinced that even  Jenny From the Block could not pull off the ensemble these days.
So now we have moved on to asses peeking from the hem of the shorts and mini skirts paired with Uggs. I really should stop there and keep my comments to  myself, but that's just not like me. First of all, I was appalled when shopping for shorts for my twin toddlers. At 18 months, I am positive it is offensive, not to mention trashy to see a diaper hanging out of the bottom of the shorts, but this is all I could find. So, needless to say, my girls will be wearing capris and keeping the characters on their diapers left to the imagination until I find the time to make them some shorts myself...(Stay Tuned for the Next Battle of the Bobbin!)

It just got better last weekend when we were at a local Irish festival. I swear if my kids ever even think about wearing anything so trashy as what I saw there (or if my son tries to bring one of these hoochies home) I will flip and my kids will be locked in a tower until further notice! I couldn't believe it! There was more skin on the streets of Erin than is allowed at most gentleman's clubs. I know as a teen, I too tried to push the limits with fashion and when you are developing a body, it is natural to want to show it off, but all day my husband and I kept looking at each other with the omg did you see that eyebrow raise. So many brow raises were done that I in fact have developed bursitis of my brow muscles! Thank God for my parents who helped me to tame the hoochie looks and taught me that less (skin showing and Tammy fay makeup) is more (flattering), and that ladies should leave some things to the imagination!

Now to all those girls who have been convinced that Uggs and shorts are attractive, lets take a look at this 
 Uggly boots which I consider to be the black hole of fashion. Really? Unless you are an Eskimo living in -30 degree temperatures and sporting a hefty parka, you my friend should not be wearing Uggs.

So in addition to judging everyone's fashion mishaps (while I wear jeans, a tee, and chacos), I have also been enjoying the life that is springing up all around! The tulips are blooming, as well as  many other bulbs in our garden, and my hubby planted lots of new plants for me ... roses, begonias, phlox, grapes, blackberries, peach tree, and the list could continue for days...I am so excited for everything to mature and flourish in my yard I can't stand it. I am so impatient, I have been examining the plants daily and tracking their progress in photos. It really is an addiction.

I also finally passed the medical transcription final and should be receiving my certificate in the mail any day now! Hello job I have not missed you! Last week, I revamped my resume for the transcription field and began submitting. I am crossing my fingers for a gig to come along soon with an easy-to-understand English-speaking doctor. In the meantime, you can find me with the kids outside enjoying the fresh air!

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  1. Love reading your blog. I too have been facing the fashion problems with Rubie. I am always appalled that for such little girls short shorts and tanks are what the store have. However, I have found great knee length shorts and cute T-shirts at Children's Place. Also, I have really liked the styles of Hannah Anderson. But those are more $ than I usually want to spend, but do sometimes anyway.